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The EUDAT annotation service

Use annotations to structure your data

An annotation is a keyword or commentary attached to a file, that explains or classifies it. With B2Note, you can easily create and manage your annotations. There exist 3 types of annotations in B2Note:

  • The semantic tag, a keyword from an ontology;
  • The free-text keyword, a keyword chosen by the user. If possible, use semantic tags over free-text keywords.
  • The comment, a longer annotation

B2Note is currently integrated in B2Share: access files with B2Share, then annotate them with B2Note.

How to use it

Here is how to access the B2NOTE console from a B2SHARE file record page.

Step 1: Pick a file in B2SHARE.

Step 2: Click on the arrow next to the file you want to annotate to reveal the annotation button.

Step 3: Click on the button to show the widget. The widget should appear at the right of the browser window.

Access B2SHARE


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Annotations are ony valuable if they make sense. If you want to make random annotations for trying B2Note, please use the sandbox.